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Chiropractic & Sports Injury Center of Jackson Hole


Gentle Effective Chiropractic Care

  • Headaches & Neck
  • Shoulders and Upper Back
  • Lower Lumbar Back
  • Hip
  • Knee and Leg
  • Foot
  • Wrist, Hand, Arm

Treatments for Pain and Rehabilitation

Spinal and Extremity Joint Manipulation/Adjustment

For the restoration of normal spine and joint position and biomechanics

Flexion Distraction Therapy

Treatment for mobilization of the lumbar spine and treatment of lumbar disc problems and facet syndrome

Rehabilitative Exercise Center and Movement Therapy Studio

Cardiovascular equipment (treadmills, stationary and spin bikes, elliptical, GYROTONICS® pulley tower), progressive resistance exercise equipment, balls, gliders, tubes, ballet bars and free weights.


Electrical muscle stimulation, ultrasound, interferential therapy, Thumper® Mechanical assisted massage, heat pads and ice pads.

Diagnostic Testing Capabilities

-On-site digital X-Ray facility
-Electro-Diagnostic Nerve Conduction Testing

GRASTON Technique ®

For treatment of chronic soft tissue pain caused by scar tissue and adhesions due to traumatic injury, overuse injuries or surgery. Visit for more information.

Computerized Gaitscan foot orthotics

TOG (The Orthotic Group) computerized Gaitscan for the fabrication of custom foot orthotics, You don’t need orthotics when you are sitting still. You need orthotics when you are on you feet and moving. That is why TOG’s computerized gait scan produces a superior orthotic compared to static molds of your feet. TOG corrects how your feet move through space. TOG not only provides custom foot orthotics for a variety of shoe types, but also offers a comprehensive line of popular shoes with built-in orthotics from manufactures that include Bite, Merrell, Florsheim, Hush Puppy, Brookes, CAT, Harley Davidson, HI-TEC and others.

GYROTONIC®  Training

GYROTONIC® training increases range of motion in the spine, shoulders, hips and all other major joints. As we age, our range of motion becomes more restricted. This methodology is the most advanced and comprehensive approach to improving movement, posture, alignment, and core strength. It also helps reduce joint pain and stiffness and increase overall strength and flexibility. Movements are low-impact, fluid and gentle. GYROTONIC® training is provided by a fully licensed instructor. It is used in a full range of applications from rehabilitation of injuries to improving professional athletic performance

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After day one, I felt 60% better with my back pain. You guys do a great job up here and I will make additional appointments if needed. Thank you!

Taylor Felton
Professional Skier

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