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Postural Alignment

Postural Alignment Postural Alignment Adjustment

What is posture? Posture is defined as a person’s physical alignment and stance. The way in which one holds and carries one’s body is due to many factors both intrinsic and extrinsic that can be either productive or counterproductive to one’s health. Our posture begins to form at an early age when we first start standing on two feet and gravity begins to pull down the length of our body. If you were to ask ten people what constitutes good posture, you would probably get ten different answers. Most people think good posture is simply pulling back the shoulder blades and head. Although this “military” stance addresses two components of good posture, it falls short in providing optimal full-body alignment. Optimal posture aligns our joints in the most biomechanical efficient manner. Biomechanically efficient posture takes the least amount of energy to maintain and move our joints.

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Scar Tissue & Adhesions

When soft tissues (muscle, ligaments and tendons) are injured, an inflammatory response occurs which involves a cascade of events resulting in tissue healing. This healing process rarely results in 100 % restoration of the tissue to its pre-trauma status. Consequently, there is a permanent loss of the tissue’s strength, flexibility and elasticity.

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Optimizing Fitness

Optimizing Fitness Optimizing Fitness

Optimizing Your Physical Fitness and Performance for Weekend Warriors or Professional Athletes
At the Chiropractic and Sports Injury Center of Jackson Hole we understand that whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend warrior your athletic endeavors are important to you. We also know that meeting those goals sometimes takes more than just hard work and determination. Your ability to compete, achieve your goals and stay injury free depends upon your body being biomechanically sound. It does not matter how good your nutrition is, how much you train or how strong or flexible you are. If you have an underlying biomechanical imbalance your performance will suffer and you will be at risk for injury.

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Work Body Smart: Ergonomics
For many people who spend their day at a desk working at a computer, their work can be literally a “pain in the neck”. In today’s world of ever increasing technology, we have become slaves to our computer. As a result, we spend prolonged periods of time sitting at workstations that often distort the normal posture of our bodies and place our joints in positions of high stress. Work place injuries have become a common cause of lost time from work and cost employers and employees billions of dollars every year.

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Foot Orthotics: Gait Analysis
Your feet have a direct impact on the alignment and function of the entire body. This is because the feet are the foundation of the body and support its entire weight. Small changes in the foot’s structure can result in changes in the alignment of the ankle and knee. As a result, a chain reaction of compensational adjustments may occur which can change your posture and your gait (the way you walk). If these changes in body mechanics are not corrected, they can result in stress to joints higher up in your body resulting in hip pain, lower back pain and even neck and headache pain.

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