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When soft tissues (muscle, ligaments and tendons) are injured, an inflammatory response occurs which involves a cascade of events resulting in tissue healing. This healing process rarely results in 100 % restoration of the tissue to its pre-trauma status. Consequently, there is a permanent loss of the tissue’s strength, flexibility and elasticity.

Loss of “healed” tissue strength and flexibility is due to the repair process that lays down a “cheaper grade” of tissue (scar tissue and adhesions) than was the original tissue. Additionally, the tissue’s elasticity, its ability to stretch then rebound, is compromised. This is due to the random fashion in which the new tissue is laid down during the healing process. Instead of the fibers of the tissue being aligned in a parallel fashion, they are arranged in a crisscross pattern that compromises the elastic capabilities of the tissue. This loss of elasticity to a muscle, ligament or tendon severely compromises its function and also puts it at a higher risk of injury. This is due to the decreased ability of the tissue to acclimate to traumatic forces imposed upon it.  When re-injury occurs, the inflammatory response produces additional scar tissue formation often leading to chronic pain.

Chronic pain due to scar tissue formation may also be the result of non-traumatic injuries. This is commonly seen in post- surgical patients who experience pain in the area of their healed incisions.

At the Chiropractic and Sports Injury Center of Jackson Hole, treatment of chronic pain due to scar tissue and adhesions includes the GRASTON Technique®. The GRASTON Technique® is a new and effective, non-surgical technique for breaking up muscular adhesions and scar tissue in order to eliminate chronic pain. In addition to breaking up adhesions and scar tissue, an emphasis is placed on stretching and strengthening exercises to restore soft tissue flexibility, strength and elasticity. For more information of GRASTON Technique® visit the website

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