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First Visit What To Expect

Brief paper work will be given to let us know about you. If you have insurance possibly covering your treatment we will ask for you insurance information and will call your insurance company concerning your treatment coverage.

History and Examination: To determine the origin of your problem the doctor will ask you various questions. In the further examination of your condition the doctor will perform various orthopedic and neurological tests to further diagnose your condition.

Diagnostic Testing: to rule out more serious conditions,  to determine the origin and most effective treatment in the management of your condition, x-rays or additional diagnostic testing may be required.

Same Day Treatment: the most effective and immediate treatment of your condition is our number one priority! Treatment on your first visit is normally the case however sometimes may be delayed if some diagnostic study is needed.

Home Instructions: following you initial treatment you may be prescribed the use of heat and/or ice, various stretching exercises and discussed with various avoidance activities that are required in management of your condition.

Scheduling Of Your Next Appointment: normally new patients are seen for a follow- up evaluation within 1-2 days after their initial treatment. At that time patient progress will be evaluated and treatment options and plan will be discussed.

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A great benefit. John Zendler instructed me in stretching exercises that others did not. John reduced my suffering greatly. Thank you!

Donald Murray Matteson
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